WWW Gangnam style!

I was in Seoul last week for the 23rd World Wide Web conference. This year, the WWW conference was hosted in the prestigious COEX hub in Seoul’s Gangnam district. It featured a panel of renowned web experts, including Tim Berners-Lee, discussing the challenges and opportunities of the previous 25 years and the next 25 years of the web.

On Monday 7/4, I chaired the tutorial: “Online Learning and Linked Data – Lessons Learned and Best Practices”, which I co-organised with Stefan Dietze from the L3S Research Center in Germany, and John Domingue from the Open University. Following the latest developments in online learning and Linked Data, the scope of this tutorial was two-fold. First, ways in which Linked Data principles and technologies can be used to support online learning and create innovative educational services were explained, based on the development of existing Linked Data applications for online learning, and particularly on the data catalogue, use cases and applications considered by the LinkedUp project. Secondly, new online learning methods were taught for supporting the teaching of Linked Data. Additionally, the lessons learned and the best practices derived from designing and delivering a Linked Data curriculum by the EUCLID project were discussed.

The session was well attended and featured invited talks from Marin Dimitrov (Ontotext, UK) and Besnik Fetahu (L3S Research Center, Germany). All the presentations are available in the tutorial’s web page.