My new iBooks are in the Apple Store

The Open University has published two new interactive iBooks, which are available to download for free from Apple’s iBook Store. The iBooks showcase the latest research outputs of the European projects EUCLID and ROLE, offering interactive learning materials for Linked Data and Self Regulated Learning respectively. In more detail, the topics covered by the two iBooks are the following:

Using Linked Data Effectively 
This book aims at facilitating professional training for data practitioners that want to use Linked Data in their daily work. Each chapter of this book is targeting a different crucial task related to Linked Data. Readers have the opportunity to study in depth various aspects of the usage of Linked Data, watch webinar movies and screencasts, as well as test their knowledge via quizzes and exercises.

Self Regulated Learning 
This book provides an introduction to the new learning technologies that empower self-regulated learning and personal learning environments. A selection of learning tools that will help readers build their personal learning environment and become self-regulated learners are also demonstrated. Readers have an opportunity to try these tools through a set of interactive learning activities included in this book.