Investigating the use of Generative AI for improving course production

Alexander Mikroyannidis (The Open University, UK) has given an invited talk at the EmpowerED webinar series, with the title: “Investigating the use of Generative AI for improving course production”. The EmpowerED webinar series is aimed at developing and fostering an academic Community of Practice (CoP). It is an opportunity to celebrate and share success stories, showcase good practice exemplars, and discuss the adoption of innovative approaches within teaching and learning with colleagues across the wider education sector.

In his talk, Alexander shared initial results from an ongoing internal project at the Open University, aiming to investigate the use of Generative AI for improving the production of learning materials. In particular, Alexander discussed the views of different teams of academics that are involved in course production at the Open University, on how Generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, can potentially assist them and help make course production more agile and efficient.

Watch the recording of this talk: