Fully-funded PhD opportunity: Empowering Self-Regulated Learning

Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) is a term that describes an individual’s ability to learn how to learn. In other words, each of us can develop a wide ranging skill set that enables us to learn in a number of different ways. In some educational settings the term SRL is more commonly described as “independent learning” or “autodidactic learning”.

This PhD project is about supporting SRL through learning tools and services, such as recommenders of learning resources. These tools and services will enable learners to define their learning goals, connect with other learners with similar goals, build their personal and social learning environment and use it actively and collaboratively in order to reach their learning goals and monitor their own progress.

Useful skills to work on this project: PhD research is about generating new knowledge, hence we are looking for creative individuals, able to generate and pursue original ideas and to organise their own work with minimal day-to-day supervision. In addition, it is also desirable to have some familiarity with educational theories and technologies and programming skills.

Applications deadline: 29 August 15 September 2014

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