Open Call: Collaborative OpenCourseWare Authoring Using SlideWiki

Within the SlideWiki project we have launched an open call, looking for external partners that will produce educational content in the SlideWiki platform and will evaluate the platform with learners. Each external partner will receive funding in the region of £25-50k.

The selected candidates will receive funding, guidance, technical support and mentoring from the SlideWiki Consortium members for the implementation of the large scale trials. The expected outcome is that feedback will be collected and educational material will be created and published on SlideWiki, maximising thus its learning impact. The topics of the trials can cover a wide range of items, such as search, evaluation, creation of user/deck groups, user profiling and interactive learning analytics.

With the open-source SlideWiki platform, the effort of the creation, translation and evolution of highly-structured remixable OpenCourseWare (OCW) can be widely shared (i.e. crowdsourced). Similarly to Wikipedia for encyclopaedic content, SlideWiki allows to collaboratively create comprehensive OCW (curricula, slide presentations, self-assessment tests, illustrations etc.) online in a crowdsourcing manner. The SlideWiki platform has won the OpenCourseWare Consortium’s Excellence Award and is used by hundreds of educators and thousands of learners. Several hundred comprehensive course materials are available on SlideWiki in dozens of languages.

More details are available here.