weSPOT in Dubai

Alexander Mikroyannidis represented the weSPOT project last week at the IEEE International Conference on Web & Open Access to Learning (ICWOAL), which was held in Dubai. The event was highly successful, featuring among others a keynote from Mike Sharples, Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University, UK.

Alexander presented a paper about the Inquiry-Based Learning platform developed in the context of the weSPOT project. weSPOT (Working Environment with Social, Personal and Open Technologies for Inquiry Based Learning) is a European project now entering its 3rd and final year. weSPOT is propagating scientific inquiry as the approach for science learning and teaching in combination with today’s curricula and teaching practices. The weSPOT inquiry space integrates personal and social learning elements in order to lower the threshold for linking everyday life with science teaching in schools by technology.

You can try here the weSPOT inquiry space and learn here what weSPOT offers to teachers, students and developers.