SlideWiki meets in Genoa


The third plenary meeting of the SlideWiki project took place on November 17th-18th in Genoa, Italy. The meeting was hosted by CNR- IEIIT/School of Robotics. Alexander Mikroyannidis and Allan Third represented the Open University team and joined more than 30 representatives from 17 partner organisations.

SlideWiki is aiming at increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of education in Europe via widely available, accessible, multilingual, timely, engaging and high-quality educational material (i.e. OpenCourseWare). In this large-scale trial project, we are further maturing the SlideWiki technology platform (available at, integrating it with state-of-the-art educational platforms and performing large-scale trials in secondary education, vocational and professional training, higher education, as well as community-driven open-education.

The new SlideWiki platform has just been released bringing enhcncements both in the back-end and front-end of the platform. The project is now focusing on the preparation and launch of the trials of the SlideWiki platform targeting a wide range of pedagogical contexts. The Open University is leading the trials with informal learners using OpenLearn and iTunes.