ICL2017: Teaching and Learning in a Digital World

The 20th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL 2017) took place last week in Budapest, Hungary. This interdisciplinary conference focuses on the exchange of relevant trends and research results, as well as the presentation of practical experiences in the fields of Interactive Collaborative Learning and Engineering Pedagogy.

Alexander Mikroyannidis was there to deliver a workshop related to the SlideWiki project, as well as present the latest research outputs of the EDSA project. Alexander’s SlideWiki workshop is part of the project’s initiative in developing a collaborative open courseware authoring platform and collecting feedback from the online education community. This hands-on workshop offered the opportunity to participants to get acquainted with the newly launched SlideWiki platform and its functionalities for collaborative authoring of open courseware, crowdsourced translation of educational content, as well as social networking.

Alexander’s EDSA paper presents the project’s initiative for bridging the data science skills gap across Europe and training a new generation of world-leading data scientists. The EDSA project has established a rigorous process and a set of best practices for the production and delivery of curricula for data science. Additionally, the project’s efforts are dedicated to linking the demand for data science skills with the supply of learning resources that offer these skills. In order to achieve this, EDSA is offering interactive tools for finding learning resources and building personalised learning pathways towards acquiring the skills that are currently in demand.