A Semantic Web service for the lazy blogger

If you’re one of the bloggers that love to blog but never seem to find the time to do it properly (it all sounds so familiar!), then the Semantic Web may have a treat for you. The Evri semantic web service claims to be able to help bloggers follow trends and developments and deliver curated content to their readers:

“The idea is to put into play more elements of its technology, such as its notion of collections that lets users follow entities around topics they’re interested in, so that bloggers can become better curators for their sites. They then get better, that is, at pinpointing streams around their specialty and letting information about that flow to their base”.

Of course, as the article claims, curated content is not supposed to be a replacement for original content produced by the blogger. Instead, it can be used more like starting material, on top of which the blogger will add an editorial layer. Sweet! 🙂