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UK Institute of Web Science announced

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Gordon Brown announced yesterday the establishment of a UK Institute of Web Science, aiming to promote “cutting edge” web technologies. Mr Brown outlined this vision: “This will help place the UK at the cutting edge of research on the semantic web and other emerging web and internet technologies, and ensure that government is taking the […]


Reinventing reading (?)

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In anticipation of the big announcement of the new tablet / e-reader by Apple next week, Jason Bradbury of the Gadget Show wrote a very passionate piece in his blog: Let me place my neck squarely on the block and predict the most important dimension of the next Wednesday’s launch: it will change publishing, forever. […]


A tribute to GeoCities

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As of today, GeoCities belongs to the past. After almost 15 years of offering free web space to anyone with “creative” ideas, GeoCities is no more. Yahoo! has decided to permanently terminate the service, as it was surpassed by the booming blogging and social networking sites. Like many other internet users of my age, my […]