Technology-Enhanced Learning

The 2nd International Workshop on Cloud Education Environments


The 2nd annual International Workshop on Cloud Education Environments (WCLOUD 2013) took place on May 7 in Aachen, Germany. The event was organised and delivered by me, Hans-Christian Schmitz (Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Germany) and Rocael Hernandez (Galileo University, Guatemala). This year, WCLOUD was a shared event between the 5th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU) and the 3rd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER).

The event was well attended and a lively discussion followed each paper presentation. The presented papers covered a wide range of topics related to Cloud Education Environments, with a focus on applications in real-life educational contexts and evaluations by learners and educators.

I presented the results of the ROLE project in terms of the lessons learned from the project’s test-beds, providing an overview of the approaches followed in each test-bed for supporting self-regulated learning, as well as the impact of these approaches in the learning context of each test-bed.

I also presented the new project weSPOT at CSEDU. weSPOT is a 3-year FP7 project, which started last October and aims at propagating scientific inquiry as the approach for science learning and teaching in combination with today’s curricula and teaching practices. Here is my presentation: